Master Class Vol. XI: Desperation

Today I am trying something a little different. I will be joining The Professor, A.L.Mabry and a group of other writers who participate in Master Class. The group is given one prompt and must each write, using it as instructed and then share it with the group. And so, I give you my take on:


The blood-orange sun rode low on the horizon, a seething scar of vibrant color slashing the otherwise gray sky. The lonesome figure facing the horizon stood as if he was frozen in time and place. If only his mind was as still and calm as his body. Thoughts swirling within his head as he contemplated his past, present and the future.

“Am I really about to do this? Am I willing to sacrifice everything for this?” The same two thoughts ran through his head like a broken record. The last rays of the sun finally came to rest behind the horizon. “Now this is more my style.” Drake whispered to himself.

He looked up into the depths of space and exhaled deeply, relaxing his body as he prepared for his mission that night. He slowly sauntered to the black 1969 Charger. He slid smoothly into the seat and fit the key into the ignition, and gently turned it. The 426 Hemi roars to life as he gives the gas a slight tap. Drake drops the transmission into reverse and slings the monster around.



The streetlights shone across his windshield as he drove to the assigned location. The car lights glared in his blood streaked, squinting eyes. “Why can’t I ever sleep before a mark?” he silently whispered to his self. He looks at the Marathon MIL-SPEC Indiglo strapped to his wrist. “SHIT!!!! I’m running behind.”

He gunned the accelerator and the engine roared to its full potential. The wind from his open window whipped itself around his body as he merged with the car, becoming one, feeling it’s every change and adapting to it. He parks a mile from his destination, “It’s better to go the rest of the way on foot,” his mind suggested. He walked around to the trunk and pops it open. He slid the hidden compartment open and revealed his best friend for many years. The m40a1 sniper rifle based on the Remington model 700. It is a magazine fed 7.62mm rifle optimized for accuracy with Match Grade ammunition.  Beside it a field issued M9 9mm revolver sat awaiting its orders also. “Hopefully I won’t need you lil fella.” He said to the M9 as he sticks it in his waistband.










Until we meet again remember, you are always safe in the dark…









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master class





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